Management Advisory Group
"Wes brings extensive experience and a genuine personal touch to every search assignment. He knows what it will take to be successful on the job because he is capable of doing many of the jobs for which he identifies candidates."
- Douglas M. Bibby, President, National Multi Housing Council

“Wes has been particularly effective on high-level searches with unusual circumstances. He has identified excellent candidates who I believe would not have been available to us through general channels. The work is always done by Wes himself, not a person learning on the job. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”
- Scott S. Binder, Managing Director, Allied Capital

“Wes is dedicated to locating the right candidate. He has integrity beyond reproach.”
- Melvin D. Booth, Former President, MedImmune

“There are few outstanding consultants who have the long-term experience and professional expertise to know exactly whom you need. Wes delivers solidly on that front – but he also has the 'soft skill' of a remarkable intuition that consistently leads to successful searches characterized by 'long-term right fit.' Add to this an observed level of personal integrity that does not allow for compromise. He carries our highest endorsement."
- Robert P. Hostetler, MidAtlantic Area Managing Partner, Tatum LLC

“Wes Simmons has a unique and refreshing approach to executive search. His wealth of experience and contacts makes him highly effective. But his candor, integrity and hands-on approach distinguish him from many who offer similar services. In his first assignment for RWD Technologies, after spending considerable time understanding our needs and meeting with a number of internal stakeholders, he recommended that we avoid the time and expense of an external search and promote from within. In effect, he talked us out of engaging him to conduct a search that would have generated a fee, because he placed the best interests of the client ahead of his own interests. By acting with such integrity, Wes demonstrated that he isn’t a vendor or a supplier -- he’s a business partner focused on establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship.

When you retain Wes, you work with Wes. He doesn’t hand off the engagement to a less-experienced associate. Wes personally handles all aspects of the search. He seeks to completely understand your business, its culture and the industry dynamics. Although this approach limits the number of clients he can work with at any given time, it gives him the luxury of being selective and allows him to work with others who appreciate his relationship-based approach.”
- Laurens "Mac" MacLure Jr.,
President and Chief Executive Officer, RWD Technologies